Wednesday, October 21, 2015


This movie is yet another jewel in Spielberg's crown; perhaps, even the best. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg entertain us with a masterpiece that is perfect in all aspects, and keeps you glued to the screen. Every scene is chiseled to perfection.
The movie is based on a true story that happened in the late fifties when the Cold War was at its peak. While USA and USSR are aggressively spying each other for intelligence about nuclear weapons and military secrets - Tom Hanks, an insurance attorney, gets caught in the middle and ends up as a master negotiator in a two-for-one prisoner swap. The character played by Hanks is that of James Donovan, an attorney who played a vital role in prisoner swap negotiations with USSR and in the Bay of Pigs invasion.
This is not a war film like "Saving Private Ryan", but rather an emotional one touching on the human side of things. The movie has some wonderful dialogues, and Spielberg spins humor into every scene from start to end.
In a scene, a CIA agent tells Hanks to ignore the law and asks him to just follow what the agency says. "There is no rule book here", the CIA agent says. Hanks replies, "You are agent Hoffman, a German descendant. And I am Donovan, an Irish descendant. Do you know what makes us both Americans? It is our constitution".
The backdrop of the movie is so rich with details that it takes us to the mood of the Cold War era.
Spielberg makes his point - how everyone, even a Soviet spy, deserves a fair hearing. 
Amazing movie, don't miss it!


Girish said...

Great review Vivian. Will check it out...

Ebi said...

Cool.. hope it isn't a dialogue centric, actionless movie.. let me try...