Friday, December 19, 2008

Wake Up Call to Dr. Manmohan Singh

Someone has to tell Dr. Manmohan Singh to close that Economics book he is reading, and try reading "How to become an effective leader in 21 days" or something of that sort. Mr. Singh is definitely a nice man, a scholar, a man with clean hands, etc etc. But, all these traits can only make up a College Professor or a lab scientist or an Economist or whatever - but definitely not a LEADER.

India needs a leader, who is courageous, who can take stern decisions without fear, who can rally the masses behind him, who can command and order - and who can send a clear signal to terrorists that he is a roaring lion and not a meowing kitten. We are in a time when we don't need Manmohans, but rather need Sardar Patels, Churchills and Indira Gandhis.

Shivraj Patil was glued to his chair - even after the entire nation gave him the Most Inefficient Home Minister award. It needed a massacre like the one that happened in Mumbai to finally show him the way out. No idea how Mr. Chidambaram would perform, but he would obviously be better than Mr. Patil (looking at the pathetic track record of Mr. Patil). But, a lot more is expected from Mr. Chidambaram. A lot lot more.

We definitely need a separate law to deal with crimes of terrorism. Terrorists cannot be treated the same way like other criminals. They should be shown zero-tolerance and the harshest of punishments, in addition to curbing privileges like appeals, bails, etc. Well, what if this law is misused ? In times like this, when the security of a whole nation is at stake, we cannot be handicapped by the fear of misuse. We can try to minimize misuse, that's all we can do. We have to definitely make some sacrifices - because this "terrorism cancer" has gone to the last stages. (FYI, any criminal law is prone to misuse !)

In Tamil Nadu, we have a separate form of pro-terrorism - in the name of "Saving Lankan Tamils". Why was Vaiko released from prison even after he openly supported LTTE? People like Vaiko should be tried under the same anti-terrorism law that is applied to terrorists. Either he should face the same fate of terrorists, or should be asked to leave the country for good. He can settle in Kilinochchi, play "kabadi" with Prabhakaran, and live happily ever after. Why bother India !

In a few months, the Mumbai attacks will be forgotten. NDTV will start covering some other scandal. The only-captured terrorist may sit in jail and enjoy meals 3 times a day (with our tax money). Or who knows, he may appeal and appeal, and get bail, and have dinner in Taj. Some human rights group may actually demand for his release (because achooo...he was brutally beaten by interrogators). All this...until finally... one more attack comes. This is the protocol we have been following these years.

Let's see if it changes.


Rajkumar said...

And on top of this, the only gunmen caught alive will be asked for a ransom release against an IC flight highjack. We will still comply that on a 31st Dec and enjoy a so called "peaceful" new year.

PG said...

Vivian, you changed you subject.. moved to this now !! Good..